To Sleep by Akos Polgardi : winning design of MMP’s poster competition!

Director Josh Bedford has chosen Akos’ design as the official poster for his upcoming short film, To Sleep.  This poster design will now be used in publicity for the movie as the film will be entered into the UK and European film circuit this year.  Josh had this to say about choosing the winner:

There were so many good entries and I’d like to say thanks to all those who took the time to design for me. I was overwhelmed with the response I got. 

I decided on Akos’s design as I loved the simplicity of it. It was a design that stood out to me among the rest and said ‘this fits’. It doesn’t give anything away about the film, and this was one of the most important aspects for me when it came to deciding on a winning poster. The clever use of the pause symbol was something I particularly liked and, coupled with the out of focus effect, this entry felt like it most naturally fit the marketing campaign of my film.

Josh also awarded “honourable mentions” (in no particular order) to:

  • Luke Noothout
  • Jacob Genzuk
  • Marcin Zajadio
  • Yzabelle Wuthrich
  • Justin Tribuna

Again, thanks so much to everybody who entered; there were so many wonderful designs submitted that a lot of people clearly put quite a bit of work and thought into!  All entries will soon be published here on Minimal Movie Posters for all to enjoy  :)

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