Several people have noticed that they are now unable to request posters.  This is because I have deliberately disabled the ask box.  I did this because I was receiving far more requests than I could handle, and they were clogging up my message box (meaning I had to scroll for ages to access any submitted posters).  The requests you are seeing now are ones that were made about a week ago, shortly before I disabled the ask page, and I’m still going through them all!  

I loved seeing your requests, but unfortunately, it just wasn’t practical for me to have all the requests going in the same place as the submissions.  If you’d still like to request a poster, you may put it in my other blog’s ask:

However, please check first that the poster you are looking for has not already been posted, and due to the sheer number of requests I’m receiving, I cannot guarantee that your request will be answered.

Hope that this helps!

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