Pulp Fiction by Mads Hindhede

Last Chance For Submissions

As we edge closer to Minimal Movie Posters’ 2nd birthday on the 30th, I have decided that this blog shall be winding down over the next few months.   It has had a good run, but I think I have shared more than enough MMPs for the internet to enjoy (more than 2200)!

I will be closing the Submit page after the 30th of September, so now is your last opportunity to give your posters a chance of getting on the blog!  However, I’ll still be queueing up posters that I’ve picked up from the internet for a few months, and this blog will not be deleted, so you can still search the archives.

Also, please allow me to momentarily abuse this opportunity to advertise my other blog, which will still be going strong: Little Movie Nerd.  Thanks  :)

An especial thanks to all those who have submitted work over the past two years; you’ve been the ones keeping this blog going!  I’ve been very happy to be able to share some of your stuff with the tumblr community :)

Sunshine by dirtyGreatPixels

Available to buy here.  dirtyGreatPixels on Facebook.

High Fidelity by insert3motion

The Birds by ck

Badlands by Daniel Keane

Star Trek by sindbada

Rollerball by DirtyGreatPixels.

Available to buy here. DirtyGreatPixels on Facebook.

Drive by Hunter Langston

Little Miss Sunshine by Martin Lucas