Community by William Henry

Catch Me If You Can by Christian Frarey

Menace II Society by James Hevey

The Truman Show by William Henry

Disturbia by Emre Cerci

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The Hudsucker Proxy by David Uribe

Happy 2nd Birthday, Minimal Movie Posters!

It’s officially been two years since I started this blog up on a whim.  I never expected it to be quite this successful, I’m so happy people seem to be enjoying the posters!  

For the curious, here is MMP’s very first post, back in the early days…  Since then we’ve been featured in an online Cinematheque Francaise exhibition, been credited with starting a meme on, had reblogs aplenty, and helped many artists to sell their pieces online.

So, I’d like to commemorate the occasion with another shoutout to all you faithful followers, and all those who have contributed to the blog:  thanks so much!

Animal House by Matt Owen

28 Days Later by dirtygreatpixels

Available to buy here.  dirtygreatpixels on Facebook.

The Illusionist by Tom Miatke