Artist credit

Hey there, sorry to nag, but I’d like to ask that you don’t remove the credit to the artist that I place under each poster.  Most don’t, thankfully, but there are a few people doing it.

Lately, I’ve noticed people reblogging a poster from other blogs wondering where to buy that poster, but the first reblogger has removed the credit and link.  This is really unfair to the lovely person who’s gone to the effort of making an awesome poster and it may also be robbing them of potential income.  Not cool, guys, not cool.

So, please don’t remove credit where it’s due.  Cool, thanks!  :)

EDIT: I’ll now be adding a content source link as well, so people can’t screw around with that.  Totally forgot I could do that!

MMP poster competition

Design a movie poster for the upcoming short film "To Sleep", a collaboration between musician/artist Menton J Matthews III and director Josh Bedford!

The film’s concept: a modern visual interpretation of Hamlet’s “To be or not to be” soliloquy.

Josh will be entering his movie into the UK and European film festival circuit this year and he needs a kick-ass poster to go with it.  So, we’re inviting all you creative tumblr people to create a design and submit it to MMP before July 1, and the design Josh deems the best will be the film’s official poster!

Anybody can enter; both professional designers and people who just love making something cool!

Click Read More for all info and details about the film and the competition

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