About requests

Feel free to send me your request for a movie you’d like to see a poster of on the blog.  Remember that you can see if previous posters for that movie have already been posted by searching the tags.  However, if you don’t see a poster for the movie you want, or if you’d like to see another one for that movie, you can send your request via the “requests" link.


Please note that I do not make posters on request.  I am not a designer and don’t have the time to make posters whenever people want them.  However, if a poster for a certain film is requested, I will search through my collection of files (I have over 2000 posters on my computer that I have collected, not yet posted on MMP) and will put a poster up for the film requested, if I can find one.  Unfortunately, if I can’t find one for the movie requested, then I’m afraid your request won’t be fulfilled.


Also, keep in mind that I prefernon-anonymous requests as then I may notify you (without clogging up my dashboard) if I can’t find a poster for the movie you have requested.